Hi! I’m Ivy Jelisavac, creator of Relationshit and a bunch of other projects you’ll soon be hearing about.

You can view my director’s website here – this blog is a look behind the curtain of my work, my process, and the life I live to fuel and inspire my work.

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Who loves lists? EVERYONE!

  • I came to London with £300 and a self-imposed  time limit of 3 months to “make it” or go back home, to Germany. I made it.
  • I wrote, directed, produced and financed Relationshit much the same way. It helped that I had no idea how “crazy” or “difficult” this was supposed to be, so I kind of… just never thought about it.
  • My immune system and stress resilience are so great because I have a dog who’s allowed to sleep in my bed and lick my face. (And also because I’ve probably survived something much worse than the current situation.)
  • I live for deep connection and late night conversations.
    I believe in communicating with kindness (except with people walking very slowly in Central London.)
  • I’m vegan, and while I don’t preach that everyone should be vegan, I do believe that everyone should have a cause – whether that’s ending human trafficking or world hunger, providing education to girls, or another wrong you’re helping to right.
  • I think “being an adult” is important, and my definition of that is being able to take responsibility for yourself, for others, and doing things that are uncomfortable now for the greater or long-term good. My idea of professionalism is very similar.
  • I’ve watched The Good Wife five times, but occasionally skip that episode in that season where that character dies. Other times I watch it in the hope that they’ve secretly re-shot that and everything after it, but so far my dreams haven’t come true.